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Stacy here. My goal is to help you connect the dots to a better, stronger, and healthier YOU.


My life before I found health lifestyle coaching was filled with uncertainty on how to sustain a normal weight and clear skin. My acne was out of control and my weight would fluctuate constantly. It was easy for me to have a weight gain of up to 5lbs in a month. Frankly, I couldn’t understand why. I just couldn’t get control of it. 

The moment everything REALLY changed for me was finding out that I had developed high blood pressure in my late 30s. I learned that it is was due to genetics, not only did I lose my mom in her 50s but also 2 uncles around similar ages to high blood pressure and/or heart disease. This was my wake-up call. I knew that if I did not find a new approach to my own health, I may experience similar unfortunate circumstances. So, this was when I decided to find my best life.  


"I now enjoy seeing myself become my best version because I have the power, knowledge and control of my health."

- Stacy Hubert


Since then, I have made significant changes to my health. I’ve been able to sustain a healthy weight with no more fluctuations. I no longer have acne issues. My skin has cleared up so much that I no longer need to take my acne medication, which I was a prisoner to for about 10 years. I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in. I now enjoy seeing myself become my best version because I have the power, knowledge and control of my health. Through “The Total Body Transformation Program”, I am now equipped with tools to make decisions on healthy changes in diet, exercise, and behaviors/mindset. As a result, through my own personal journey in conjunction with my 20 years of nursing education and health lifestyle coach training and experience, I’m certain I can be that accountability coach for you to gain control of your life, achieve your goals, and solve your problem. 


Much love,

Stacy Hubert

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